Design of the air conditioning for 2800m2 supermarket

  • Provision of heat load calculation;
  • Provision of Heating and air conditioning of the supermarket with spiral exposed ductwork;
  • Air Handling Units (AHU) design with cooling and heating coil for general areas, appropriate humidification for vegie and fruit section and only heating AHU under frozen foods, dairy and meat fridge section;
  • Provision of CO2 sensor linked to return/fresh air intake of the supermarket general area;
  • Provision of boiler, chiller and buffer tank for heating and cooling;
  • Provision of energy recovery unit (ERU), for fresh air intake and exhaust air with desiccant wheel heat exchanger;
  • Provision of BMS to control operating hours and max fresh air intake, CO2 sensors to optimise fresh air intake linked to motorised damper and VSD fans for energy saving;