Design of the ventilating and air conditioning of the banks for Land Lease, Swan Group and Northerly in Perth and other major cities in WA.

  • Provision of heat load calculation
  • Provision of supply and extraction fans for the ducted AC units;
  • Provision of extraction fan for ATM and communication area;
  • Provision of  dedicated split AC unit for communication room to run based on set point 24/7;
  • Provision of central control system to cater for operation of the AC system interlocked to security system to deactivate the AC system when tenancy is not occupied;
  • Saving energy and life of the toilet exhaust fan by providing motion detection sensor for toilet to activate and run the system on timer when it is required;
  • Saving energy and equipment life by providing  motorised damper and CO2 sensor linked to BMS to open and activate outside air intake of the AC system when the CO2 level of the space approaches set point limit;
  • Provision of  mechanical services switch board (MSSB) to cater for the mechanical equipment;